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Have you ever thought about buying an investment property but didn’t know how or didn’t think that you could!?

Hibbards can show you how easy it can be, you may just be surprised. Go to to talk to us about your future investment.
You may be able to purchase an investment property and only have to put in an extra few dollars out of your own pocket each week.
Together with the rental income and tax offsets, you may be able to invest even when you never thought you could.
Many people forget that you don’t have to invest in the town you live in. Hibbards builds in six regional areas and we’re implementing our plans to expand into new areas in the coming months.

Why buy a Hibbards house for investment?
“We build affordable housing in strong regional areas.”
Each region we build in is researched to make sure it fits the needs of our clients, with emphasis on local demand, rental demand and returns, property valuations, the strength of local industries, and longevity of the town.
Any land that we look at building on has to pass a range of strict criteria to ensure it fits within our requirements of what’s best for our clients. Our finance and construction departments have great influence over this decision; however, ultimately it is the responsibility of our sales department to source the land with the best interests of our clients in mind.
Our clients desire properties with close proximity to local shopping centres, schools, hospitals and transport. These areas need to be well regarded safe areas of the community and suit the market with land price, so that we can offer a great value completed home.

Consultation is held with the local Councils, developers, property valuers and real estate agents to seek advice on the area as well as conducting further research, so that we are comfortable to offer each property to our valued clients. We respect our clients as we do our family; if we wouldn’t sell it to our own brothers and sisters, then we do not want to offer it to our clients.
“We build what’s best for our clients. When that changes, we adapt …”
Hibbards will help you PLAN for the right home, not just sell you one, helping you learn about your financial options, including assistance from government grants and how to obtain them.
With the government incentive of no stamp duty paid on brand new homes, you save tens of thousands of dollars when purchasing through Hibbards.
The quality of materials used, the inclusions and warranties are a high standard, ensuring compliance with building inspections to above expectation.
We are an experienced local builder with the strength and business knowledge to produce turnkey homes – to a range of clients – whether as house and land packages or on completion, across NSW. There are no hidden costs EVER.

Why buy new over second hand?
Buying a Hibbards new home over purchasing a second hand house provides many benefits and reduces worry and unexpected costs. Warranty and maintenance assurance comes with the home, and there are no added costs on top of the purchase price – even if unforseen costs are incurred when building, for example extra retaining walls needed, or extra costs in excavation, our clients don’t get charged for this.
Did you know 55% of second hand homebuyers found hidden problems with their second hand bought homes? Including mould, cracks, termites, and plumbing problems.
Older homes use up to 45% more energy – Hibbards comply with the BASIX code that requires energy efficiency within all our homes.
Older properties that require renovation eventually end up costing at least 20% more than their asking price, completely negating any savings from when it was purchased.
Come in and see us to get more information that is essential for homebuyers and investors.
Want to know where to start?
See for more information.

Five steps to purchasing
Step 1. Client Serviceability – we gain assurance that the financial position our client is in enables them to comfortably afford the purchase.
2. Client acceptance – the client is shown a home or multiple homes that are available for them to purchase, in the right area and priced within their affordability. If our client is happy to proceed, we submit a sales advice and hold the property/properties.
3. Contracts – we have our own conveyancing department to ensure thorough legal contracts are drawn up in a timely manner.
4. Construction – our experienced and motivated team will ensure construction is started as soon as possible in conjunction with land registration. At each stage, a photograph is taken to show the progress of the build.
5. Completion – once the home is completely ready to hand over, final monies are arranged and keys are presented to the owner or their representation.
For our investors, we have connections to property managers within each of our regions that we have chosen to competently look after our investment clients’ homes. This relationship is direct with the client and property manager to arrange tenants in the homes as soon as possible after settlement.

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