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You’ve worked hard; you’re ready to travel. What’s stopping you? With some careful planning and the help of your trusted travel agent, you can start exploring the world. We asked our travel writer, Kerry Moss for some helpful tips to help make your next trip the best one yet.

When to go – if you’re retired and can travel whenever you want, it’s smart to travel outside of peak season and aim for shoulder season. This allows you to avoid the crowds and often get a better price.

How are you feeling? The latest health tips.

Visit your doctor before your trip and get a general check-up. Get your scripts filled in advance and take a full supply of medications with you. Pack some in your hand luggage and some in your checked in baggage. As a general rule, take enough for the length of your trip, plus some spare.

The quality of water varies all over the world, so it is safest to always drink bottled water. And drink plenty of it; plane travel and the change in routine can dehydrate you.

Travelling means you are often out of your regular routine (let’s face it, that’s the point!) but means you can easily mislay things. Take a spare pair of prescription glasses, so if you leave one pair behind you don’t have to spend two days (and lots of money) having them replaced.

Where do I stay? How do I get there? What do I take?

Consider coach touring as an option. It’s an excellent way to meet new people, and your hotels, sightseeing, transport and most meals are often included.

If travelling independently, think about arranging transfers from the airport (or train station) to the hotel on arrival. The door to door service saves you time and ensures your safety on arrival in a new city.

Regardless of your mobility, save your energy for the important things and ask for hotel rooms on the lower floors or near the elevators on a cruise ship. Dragging your luggage up and down stairs gets tiring very quickly!

Space is expensive when you’re building a hotel, so many of them have showers over the bathtub. These can be a bit tricky and a potential trip hazard. Avoid the risk and ask for accommodation with walk in showers.

And finally – the top 5 tips

  • Find a good travel agent and develop a relationship with them. Get to know them and let them get to know you. They are the experts in their field and can customise your trip to suit you. Regardless of your budget or the destination, no question is too silly!
  • Don’t rush! You’ve worked hard; enjoy the slower pace and take the time to get to know a destination well!
  • Take a small notebook that you can pop in your pocket or handbag. You can jot down little things such as your hotel room number, the name of the nearest station or even an estimate of the currency exchange rate. It’s all about removing any unnecessary worry.
  • Pack light! And take layers of clothing to satisfy the change in temperature! Even if you can take 30 kg, doesn’t mean you should!
  • The world is a wonderful place, and danger doesn’t lurk in one particular corner. Be careful, but not concerned.

Growing older doesn’t have to slow you down. Keep it simple, stay in touch, and explore the world. Age only matters if you’re cheese or wine. 

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