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Travers Ross is a multi-talented performer, singing, dancing and choreographing his way around the world. Focus brewed a pot of herbal tea and invited the young dynamo to drop by.

What is your connection to the Coffs Coast?

I was born and bred here and am surrounded by many of the same blood, so family is key for me here in the harbour city. I love the ocean, mountains, the feel of the place. The area provided a good base for me to grow from and return to my roots to see the growth and share.

You recently returned from the States and Japan. What were you up to over there, and who did you get to work with?

I went to Japan in the beginning with my good mate/ lover “Kino” to visit her family and because we both felt like we had something to learn from the culture. I found myself performing in festivals, dancing, snowboarding, tennis, soccer, road trippin’ throughout all these random places, eating incredible traditional food and some weird things like ox tongue, which blew my mind left of centre.

Then I started writing music with a producer named BERGAMOT. I truly fell in love with what we were jamming together and we couldn’t speak each other’s language, just one word here or there. We worked musically though, so we recorded and mastered it at the Chapter Haus studios by the founder Kashimura in IBARAKI.

In amongst all this, Kino and I went to the States for three months for some urban arts inspiration in New York, Vegas and Hollywood, networking and more fun travel adventures. I worked with my good friend Swoop, assisting for Snoop Dogg and Pharrel Williams’ show for iHEART radio and Snoop’s European tour for his new album, BUSH. I also worked in with Killah Pride records’ (WARNER BROS) founder, producer, artist MADLION, who has decided to invest his time making me a Aussie reggae urban record. MADLION produced a gold platinum track called SUMMERTIME by one of my favourite all time bands SUBLIME, and the dude’s personal voice and music is nuts too! Lion and Sublime helped get me through high school with that track and album ha ha, it was so dope … So I have a lot of gratitude for the vibes he was creating and still is.

I went to Vegas and got amongst Cirque du Sole, backstage and the ins and outs to learn more about major scale productions, which is what I’m working towards with my music and dance. I met many other phenomenal artists of sorts that I could go on all day about. Kino and I walked the red carpet/green carpet in the famous Chinese theatre in Hollywood at the DANCES WITH FILM FESTIVAL for an Australian music video short film we choreographed and featured in called CARRY by SIETTA that got asked to be shown. It’s worth a watch on YouTube; I’m very proud to be a part of that.

Can you tell us your most memorable story from your adventures?

My most memorable was the last three weeks staying on a Japanese mountain by myself at one point. I came to another realisation of how in control of my thoughts I was and seeing how clear the power of the mind in sync with the body as one works … It is one to me. I have grown so much from that and feel more than I ever have. It has been an ongoing practice for many years now – and still is. So many stories existed within learning that, but one would have to be my morning walks into the Japanese jungle, climbing the mountain behind the house each day to find a shrine at the top. I would meditate and experiment with my body like a douche bag, but have never felt better – man roaring, dancing, jungle parkour (free running) flipping of trees over the river across fallen trees in complete control and trust like a Ninja ha ha that gracefully picked flowers – it was a fairy tale. I would sing to the trees and sound awful and awesome practicing and enjoying this avatar body and breaking its limits. I can’t wait to share these stories through song and dance on festival stages and unite people to celebrate this experience called life.


How long have you been involved in the industry?

I was born into this industry of the arts, entertainment and health healing, with a beautiful set of parents I’d like to think I chose prior to entering this hectic planet. A damn good choice, I tell ya – with the backing of many others I’m sure would say that. They have taught me so much, that I have kinda created my own industry off the industry which supports me and allows me to provide as a consciously happy, creative man with much more growth to come.

What have been your greatest successes so far?

Simply discovering happiness for what I got and creating with what I got. Also discovering the NOW moment NOW and NOW. It allows me to be wholly focused on one thing at a time and achieve beyond what I thought I could. A Super Sonic Shape Shifter of Awe ha ha! The name of my music and dance group. Success has definitely changed for me over time to allow me to find what I thought was small or big a success. My achievements of working with simply the guys I mentioned above shows you where I’m at musically and through choreography. However, I don’t like to be judged by what I’m doing through them, as I am a shape shifter and morph through many creative styles of all sorts. It’s infinite … You’re infinite … We are infinite.

What musician or performer do you find inspiring and why?

I found Michael Jackson very inspiring and what he brought to his whole being, including his music, his dancers and how many people he could unite at one time to celebrate a feeling. He is the closest to what I do, yet so, so, SO different, far and beyond along with many people who inspire me but will never be me being me. My inspiration has to come from within as much as without to be in the world and then bring my bit to fit.

Do you feel you’re getting better at what you do the more experience you gain?

Yes, every day, every moment – whether it be cooking, I am working to be creative and to be the NOW.

To be the NOW trip I’m on really makes all my practices simular and allows me to achieve simular ground across all my passions, jobs, house stuff, relationships – you name it, without focusing on one obsessively. I could be swimming and learning about my singing to do with breath … It’s crazy.

If you could play any musical instrument, what would it be and why?

I love to play guitar, didgeridoo, percussion and the voice box, but I would like to spend time on the piano. Yet I did just have a family reunion, and an older fella of my history heritage played the bagpipes ha ha. It made me think of rocking on stage free ballin’ kilt style, but yeah – I don’t know what Kino would think of that.

What style of music do you love?

I love it all and don’t tune in to it all – depends on where I’m at. The music we are writing now we call URBAN WORLD MUSIC. This is traversing cultures of all sorts in a new way, and I’m so PUMPED to share. We are taking bookings now for next year to get moving. So please feel free to give us a call or email and get this show moving.

What era had the best tunes and why?  

I think our era does. As it involves them all, you just can’t be lazy and get on the net and search. Someone is still rocking what you dig and creating something new with it. The access to music now is beyond.

Are you back in Australia for a bit, or are you heading back off soon?

I’m home and plan to base here and create everywhere.

Plans for the future; what do you hope it holds for you?

Well, it holds what I have been working on since birth and it’s happening now with this article starting here now in Coffs Harbour. I see and hear our music shared into the planet followed by a solid uplifting show including Super Sonic Shape Shifting talents bringing loads of people together as many times as possible to blow minds in to celebration and question, realising that they are a super sonic shape shifter too. It’s good to be home; thank you FOCUS for being the bomb community magazine … So good.

Thanks Travers.

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