What Women Want with Tegan Swan

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We want it all, right? Is it unrealistic to think it’s possible? While “success” and happiness look different for everyone, I’m sure we can agree that some things are pretty up there for most of us, though. Work-life balance, fulfillment, genuine relationships, a great career on our terms, time for our families and ourselves … Am I right?

While it may have been laughable to think you could achieve all of those things in sync in years gone by – welcome to 2018, ladies, where, if you want it, that’s really possible. There’s proof and inspiration all around us, as smart and savvy women who want to create a successful career but also don’t want to miss out on time with their kids – or heck, even time for themselves – are moving away from the traditional J.O.B and the 9 to 5 and making their own way.

There is a myriad of opportunities and options available for those willing to look into what’s out there. From negotiating a flexible working arrangement in your existing role, to CEO boss ladies who are running their organisations on their terms with the hours and structures that suit them … in all industries, in large companies and small to medium businesses.

Women are finding options that allow them to keep the corporate salary but work from home (or a café), how to freelance their skills, grow online businesses and how to monetise and live their passions. Many incredible women are taking the leap and looking into alternate income opportunities or getting courageous and negotiating their existing work on their terms. It’s so exciting! This really is something to be celebrated, as women see their value and their worth in the working landscape and shape it to be the best for them – and everyone wins.

It’s with this focus on flexibility, the new normal, multiple streams of income, smart women looking into smart opportunities, that has sparked an occasion for women to come together and learn from one another. A combined initiative of both the Woolgoolga and Northern Beaches Chamber of Commerce and Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce, along with Zonta Club of Coffs Harbour, BPW Coffs Harbour and Coffs BWN has resulted in the development of the “Women’s Work Forums”.

This series of events offers all women on the Coffs Coast the opportunity to come together and hear from successful women who have created a career and lifestyle they are proud of. These amazing, generous, leading women will share their stories and their advice for others looking to make a change in their own career, or who are looking for a new adventure.

As a passionate advocate for women in leadership roles, I am so excited to be facilitating these forums. The response so far has been overwhelming and the number of women who have come forward offering to share their successes and support and attend the series has cemented how integral it is to women’s career satisfaction moving forward.

If we want to see more women in leadership, then we should definitely be showing each other the ropes on how to do it on our terms – and that’s exactly what this forum is going to deliver.

If you’d like to attend the forums, which will begin in May at The Shell @ Nautilus, you can grab your tickets via Eventbrite or the local chambers of commerce and other associated networking groups.

Head to Women’s Work Forums on Facebook for all the details. Tickets are $30 for members of any of the associated partner organisations, or $40 for any other attendees. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

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